Hayel Kids Aid

We are ramping up for another school year in Ethiopia.  Attending school is a great honor - especially for the girls.  I am so privileged to be able to work with so many wonderful woman who have finished their education in Ethiopia and are eager to make the same difference that was made for them.  An education to a female doesn't only mean a potential job in the future. It means a better marriage, better money management. Often is means delayed marriage and thus delayed child birthing.  With the death rates as well as fistula rates as high as they are - a delayed family often means a future.

If you are inspired to help a girl in a school in Ethiopia- it only costs 250.00 a year to provide a back pack, books, lunch box, and annual tuition.

Hayel means Power in Amharic... As we all know there is power in Education.
At Hayel we are empowering a nation through education, one child at a time!